Paris Hilton’s Got A Brand New Puppy And Needs Your Help Choosing Its Name

It cost $8000 and weighs just 12 ounces...

Paris Hilton’s Got A Brand New Puppy And Needs Your Help Choosing Its Name

by Debrief Staff |

Paris Hilton took to Instagram yesterday to show off her brand new pocket-sized pup to the world.

Introducing the new puppy to her fans Paris instagrammed an incredibly cute picture captioned: ‘Meet the newest member to the @HiltonPets family. What should I name this lil cutie?'


At 4 months old the black-and-brown teacup Chihuahua only weighs a mere 12 ounces. And according to TMZ, the reality star reportedly splashed out a whopping $8000 on her new furry friend.

The socialite has always had expensive taste in pooches, previously forking out $13k on a dog she found on Twitter. Teacup Puppy Paradise, where Paris bought her new pooch, prices dogs as high as $15,000.

However Paris is still deciding on a name for her tiny canine companion and has taken to Instagram to ask her fans for help:

‘Love my lil SUPERMODELPUP! Still trying to figure out the perfect name. Deciding between DiamondBaby or LoveBug. Thoughts?’

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