Paris Hilton’s Spent $13k On A Dog She Found Through Twitter

And now he’s got his very own Instagram account. Oh, and did we mention he's heart-meltingly cute?


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We’ve heard of expensive dogs, the sorts that can fetch (get it?) up to half a grand when sold to buyers in search of a finely-pedigreed, stroke-able, Instagrammable pup. But Paris Hilton has really taken the doggy-biscuit by forking out over $13,000 (£8,000) for a Pomeranian pup.

Not only does the dog, Prince Hilton (formerly called Mr. Amazing by its breeder), have its own Instagram account, Prince_Hilton_the_Pom, with 8764 followers, (that’s almost a follower for every pound sterling spent on him), but he was sold to Paris via social media.

Joanne Pauze, a dog breeder from Calgary, Canada, knew that Paris is a big fan of chichi little doggies – as of October 2013, she had 35 pets, many of them bag-sized dogs – so hashtagged a photo of Mr Amazing with Paris’s name.

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‘Two seconds later, [Twitter] said Paris Hilton is now following you.’

Then, after a few minutes, Paris called Joanne’s company, Betty’s Teacup Yorkies to find out how she could get her paws on the fluffy white pooch, which we’re convinced is part mouse.

‘She [called] me within three minutes. And I’m like, I don’t think that’s really her. I thought it was somebody pretending to be her — but it turned out to be her,’ Joanne told the The Calgary Herald.

Once she established that Paris was on the other line and, like, totally serious about buying one of Joanne’s pups, the dog breeder gave her some options: ‘I showed her two different Pomeranians, and she wanted both of them, but I declined one, because it wasn’t as extreme — and I wanted her to have the best so I said, if it’s OK, wait for the next one.’

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‘But she fell in love with him (Mr. Amazing) right away, and wanted another one right away... so right now, we’re talking about another one, but I told her I’m waiting to find an extreme one.’

We’ve no idea what an ‘extreme’ Pomeranian is, but regardless, Prince Hilton is still living up to his previous Mr. Amazing moniker. As well as costing a shit load of money, it looks like he’s worth every cent because he’s really adorable. In the very carefully constructed Instagram videos Paris has been uploading of Prince (she’s clearly using an app to edit them because Instagram foolishly no longer allows people to put up lots of videos cut together) one thing is very clear – he is heart-meltingly cute.

Yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous that Paris bought the dog – which is smaller than a remote control – a whole shopping trolley’s worth of toys and treats (including some mini bottles of champagne) and a baby’s crib to snooze in. But when you’re dropping £8k on a dog, surely it’s your right to spoil it?

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To the haters, Paris replied with a short and sharp text post saying ‘Dope Shit Brings Hate Quick’ along with the tags ‘#HatersGonnaHate #IaintWorriedBoutNothin’ and a little crown emoji. It’s just a shame there’s no tiara emoji.

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