Paris Hilton’s Brother Gets Arrested On Plane, And Calls Everyone Around Him ‘Peasants’.

His lawyer says the bad behaviour was caused by a sleeping pill...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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You’d think, in a world where planes go missing, crash into rivers, and are shot down from the sky, people would just be grateful to be lifted into the air and put back down again without any damage being done. But Conrad Hilton isn’t just ‘people’, he’s the brother of Paris, and an heir to a mahoosive hotel fortune.

While that doesn’t explain why he went off the handle at flight attendants on his journey from London to LA, it maybe does explain why he said people on the flight were ‘peasants’ during his ‘meltdown’, as TMZ reports.

The altercation started when Conrad took a sleeping pill before the flight, something is lawyer, Robert Shapiro, confirms. There was then a smell of weed coming from the toilet, and some witnesses suspected Hilton was the culprit of this.

When approached he allegedly yelled out, ‘If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it and I will fucking fight you… I am going to fucking kill you… I will fucking rip through you,’ and, ‘I will fucking own anyone on this flight – they are fucking peasants.’

He was eventually handcuffed to his seat and allegedly arrested. According to Conrad’s lawyer, adverse side effects of sleeping pills can include aggressive outbursts.

Though he’s provided no explanation as to how the word ‘peasant’ made its way into Conrad’s vocabulary…

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