Paparazzi Yells ‘You’re Gay!’ At Kristen Stewart, Repeatedly

Apparently it's legit to yell, ‘Nobody cares if you’re gay,’ repeatedly, as you follow a woman into an airport...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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OK, so you know those paparazzi videos, the ones where you get to see how the pap shots were taken, the exact way big blokes in cargo pants rush backwards, heckling their subject into posing or doing something interesting for a picture as they snap away? Well, we just saw one that was basically harassment, going some way to explaining why Kristen Stewart sometimes looks so very glum.

In the video, taken as Kristen entered LAX to board a flight, you can hear one pap yelling at her, ‘Kristen, I'm happy you came out babe, I’m happy you came out… being gay is great, being gay is cool anyway now, I’m happy you came out. No one cares if you’re gay, you’re great.’

He continued, ‘I’m glad you came out Kristen, no-one cares if you came out.’

Watch it here if you like.

It got us to thinking. First off, Kristen hasn’t come out, leaving it up to those of us (quite a few of us, right?) who look at pap shots of her getting on with her personal life to speculate WTF's going on in her love life and where her sexual orientation stands.

Secondly, what on earth is Kristen meant to do? Halt her journey to her flight (it’s like a rich Hollywood’s star of a commute, basically) to stage a mini press conference and tell the paparazzi that she’s gay?

And thirdly, this guy says ‘nobody cares if you’re gay’, but he seems to give a massive shit about repeatedly calling her gay and following her down the street. We get America’s the land of the free and that paps can always give the defence of freedom of speech, but if a guy did this without a camera, without a minder around to protect Kristen, how free would she be?

Fourthly, we want to cleanse ourselves of ever seeing that video, because it really seems like it was filmed by the guy who was screeching at her.

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