Have Eagle-Eyed Kardashians Viewers Found Proof Scott Disick Is Taking Ozempic?

Fans think they spotted weight-loss medication in Scott Disick's fridge...

Scott Disick

by Nikki Peach |
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For years, long-term fans of the Kardashians have had concerns about Scott Disick’s health. The ex-partner of Kourtney Kardashian, and father of three of her four children, has been open about his struggles with depression and addiction in the past. However, he sparked concern in March when he was pictured looking ‘thinner than ever’.

Scott gained weight after suffering a serious back injury in a car accident in August 2022 that left him 'barely mobile' and has been trying to lose weight and improve health ever since. This was addressed in the first episode of season five of The Kardashians, where eagle-eyed fans spotted the weight-loss drug Mounjaro in Scott's fridge.

Mounjaro is a weight loss treatment that comes in the form of a weekly self-injectable pen, intended to be used by people with obesity or weight-related health problems such as prediabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart problems.

In the episode, Scott invited Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian into his home and showed them what he’s doing to improve his lifestyle. Kris Jenner said, ‘Wow, somebody’s lost a lot of weight. You look great!’

The episode then flashes back to an older scene, where Khloe looked through Scott’s fridge and said, 'You’re really living large these days.' Scott replied, 'I've gained a lot of weight here because of my back,' while he sat on the sofa with ice packs on his back.

In the new episode, Khloe and Kris look inside his fridge, which was filled with low-calorie drinks, fruit and almond milk. While it wasn't discussed during their conversation, fans also noticed a drawer filled with weight-loss medication in the door of the fridge.

The TikTok user who shared the clip wrote, ‘I found Ozempic you guys in Scott Disick’s fridge.’ And someone replied, ‘That’s Mounjaro!’ zooming in on the boxes. The video was captioned ‘skinny legend’ and the fan says she was ‘shocked’ that the medication was so visible.

Scott has not spoken about taking weight-loss drugs in public, but according to Daily Mail 'sources', the reality star has stopped taking the drug after seeing photos of himself looking thin as well as the concern from fans on social media.

Later in the episode, Kris discusses Scott's weight loss and references his 2022 accident. She says, ‘Scott looks great and I know that he’s really struggled the last year or so. I felt like he was not in the best place and it made me really sad.’

Season five of The Kardashians is available to stream now on Disney+.

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