Ovie Soko Has Had A Glow Up And The Internet Thirst Is Real

The Love Island favourite has a new look, and women are being very, very up front with their feelings.

Ovie Soko Instagram

by Guy Pewsey |
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Ovie Soko has long been one of the most beloved names to come out of Love Island. It's ironic, really, because he essentially failed in the show's ultimate aim of pursuing romance. But somehow, his charm, his moving platonic bond with Amber Gill and his obvious good looks won him legions of fans. It may have been two years since the former basketball player left the villa, but a new image posted to his Instagram shows that the thirst is still very, very real. Take a look...

'Have a good day people,' Ovie remarks alongside the new image of him wearing a plain black hoodie , what looks like a chunky gold chain, amber-hued sunglasses and, most significantly, a new, longer hairstyle. It's not a drastic change, but he looks very, very good and it was enough to have made him trend on Twitter within hours of the post going live.

'Still don't get how Ovie got HOTTER???' one woman remarked. 'It's a bit rude actually.' We quite agree. We're offended.

'Deadass if Ovie ever spoke to me, I'd faint,' another added. Again, same.

'Can’t even tweet what I want to tweet about Ovie because I’m someone’s wife,' a particularly thirsty (and evidently married) woman tweeted. 'Patriarchy wins once again.'

And author Bolu Babalola - whose book Love In Colour is a definite must-read - seemed in shock. 'How in the hell did OVIE glo up???' she wrote. 'How??????? How did he manage that???' She later added that her entire work day had been disrupted by the distraction of his undeniable hotness.

There are some even more thirsty tweets out there, but many are too inappropriate to share here. It's worth exploring the trending topic on Twitter though, if you don't think it might push you off the erotically charged edge.

So there we have it. A reminder, if you needed it, that Ovie Soko is still hot, and is getting hotter. Can we take a leaf from Bolu's book and tell our boss that we need the rest of the day off? Worth a try, surely...

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