Using Orlando Bloom’s Willy To Pit Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Against Each Other Just Shows We Love To Keep Strong Women Down

How in the world did Orlando Bloom going naked paddle boarding become about Katy Perry 'winning the war' against Taylor Swift? Why can't we just let them *both* be successful women?

Using Orlando Bloom's Willy To Pit Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Against Each Other Just Shows We Love To Keep Strong Women Down

by Jess Commons |
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Orlando Bloom certainly knows how to make a splash doesn't he? Yesterday, the actor and Katy Perry romancer stripped down to his birthday suit, grabbed a paddle board and went rowing merrily off into the sea.

You probably heard about it. A couple of people mentioned it in passing.

Today, Katy Perry's video for RISE came out. Which was jolly good timing. Almost too good timing, someone far more cynical than me might say. But hey, it's a great video and a banging song. Top work KP.

What's annoying though is that people are using Orlando Bloom's naked adventure as a chance to (sigh) yet again, pit Katy Perry and Taylor Swift against each other. Despite neither girl being directly involved. Alright, Katy was there. But Taylor, God knows where Taylor was. Probably diving happily into her pit of money a la Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales.

A 100% accurate representation of Taylor Swift's days off

Over on Twitter, people were quick to insinuate that Orlando Bloom's naked paddle boarding was a stunt by Katy to further her feud with Taylor Swift.


See, pitting women against each other is a tale as old as time. It's why when two female celebrities wear the same dress they appear under a headline 'who wore it better?', it's why Beyonce fans went hell for leather trying to find out who Becky With The Good Hair was rather than directing their anger at Jay-Z, it's why Maria Sharapova's competition with Serena Williams is described as a 'cat fight' whilst Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal are decribed as having a 'rivalry'. It's why Hillary Clinton, the first elected female presidential candidate, is still getting shit about Monica Lewinsky, 20 years later, whilst Bill sits in the corner and plays his saxophone, happy as larry and seemingly oblivious to the fact that his wife is shouldering the burden of a mistake that he made.

Both men and women love to see women fight with each other and sure, there is a history of a feud between KP and Taylor, one which both of them have helped fuel with cryptic tweets and song lyrics. But, what good does it do us as fans to help perpetuate a rivalry between two of the world's most famous women? Imagine the good it would do for society if we managed to see BOTH women as super duper successful popstar/entrepeneur/businesswomen extraordinaires rather than insinuating that there's only space for one of them in the limelight.

There is no end to the amount of beautiful, intelligent, wonderful women out there who can do exceptional, brilliant and game changing things. We are, as Millenial Women in the Western World, afforded the most privelege our gender has ever enjoyed. Many of us are lucky enough never to have to experience the issues our mothers and grandmothers came up against. We can, and we will rule the world.

So let's not ruin it by making Orlando Bloom's willy into a fight between two women. Kay?

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