No One Wanted To Listen To Lindsay Lohan At The Launch Of Her Club

Even when she started tutting, they still didn't shut up


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In the latest installment of Weird Shit Lindsay Lohan Does the 30-year old actress has not disappointed. Previous episodes include: Lindsay Lohan loses part of her finger, Lindsay Lohan asks for a Mean Girls sequel on Instagram, Lindsay Lohan live-Tweets her thoughts on Brexit. This is The One Where Lindsay Tells 25000 Partygoers To 'Shut The Fuck Up'.

It all started when she launched her eponymous nightclub in Athens last night. At the party Lindsay actually got up on stage behind the decks, got hold of a microphone, and told the entire audience to ‘shut the f*** up', repeatedly. They were people in a night club so, no, they didn't shut up.

Standing on stage in 'Lohan', the actual Lohan adopted the stance of a cross primary school teacher who’s pre-teen children are running a-mock. There was actual tutting involved.

Except, they weren’t children, they were a room of adults in a nightclub which isn't typically the best place for an inpromptu speech.

One report of the evening does relay Lohan telling the club that some of the proceeds will go towards helping refugee children, so we’re wondering if that’s what she went on to say after the end of the clip. At least, we hope it is.

And so, the LiLo saga continues. Can't we just skip to the part where LiLo stops hanging out with billionaires on yachts and makes a mega film comeback already?

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