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Noughties pop punk: forever in our hearts


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According to a few clever clogs sources around the internet (thanks Popjustice!) One Direction have potentially found themselves a support band for their Australian leg of their tour in the form of… McBusted.

I know like, One Direction are bonkers gigantic and obviously the most successful boyband of all time ever with a fan base that probably usurps that of even Benedict Cumberbatch, BUT in terms of respect and services to music, we can’t help feeling that the tables should be turned One Direction should be supporting McBusted.

Here’s why we’ll never fully disembark from the McBusted train to ride on the coattails of the One Direction limo.

McFly Were Really Nice To Their Fans

According to our editorial assistant Chemmie, who’s just been outed as McFly’s biggest fan (one time she actually went to see C_elebrity Deal Or No Deal_, because they were on it), the band were really nice when she met them. Her friend even said that Danny checked out her arse and while she’s not sure whether that’s nice or not, she ‘DOESN’T EVEN CARE’, because she was ‘THRILLED BECAUSE IT MEANT WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER’. Do One Direction care loads about their fans? Sure we GUESS, although this Vine of Liam might speak otherwise…

Both McFly and Busted had excellent dress sense

From Busted’s pop punk suits-’n’-skate shoes combos to McFly’s excellent work in pioneering the overly-straightened man fringe, these two bands were integral to forming our spectacularly sartorial 2004 wardrobes. Baggy jeans, checkered Vans shoes, studded belts… what a look. Obviously, there were those that said we looked silly (God, MUM), but they were just jealous. What’s fun about what One Direction wear? Not a lot. Except when Liam wore this belt and Zayn was not impressed.


McBusted have a real ‘journey’

Being a band birthed from The X Factor, Harry and Niall and that should be well-versed in the importance of having traversed a long, hard emotional road before being allowed to be super mega popstars, and, if we’re honest, appearing on a massive telly show and then four years later still being together isn’t exactly what we’re looking for. Take McBusted for example: they went from being two bands locked in a bitter rivalry that played out on the bloody battlegrounds of TOTP and Popworld, then they had to deal with rehab, loss of band members and new musical projects (Son Of Dork!!) before finally coming together in a union so beautiful that children wept* (*maybe) to form one of the greatest supergroups of all time. THAT, my friends, is a ‘journey’.

Busted, like, ‘got’ comedy

From the Air Hostess video to the Oscar-worthy comedy caper for Crashed The Wedding, Busted gave us the gift of music and comedy. Which is nice. Also, how about a cheer for Year 3000: funny and NOT a sappy love story, apart from the bit about the band wanting to shag someone several hundred years younger than them. To their credit, One Direction had a stab at comedy in the video for Best Song Ever and Harry and Niall were very funny, but other than that, it’s all five lads looking ridiculously attractive – and where’s the fun in that?

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