One Direction Shout Out ‘Brother’ Zayn At Billboard Awards

But where is 'brother' Zayn? Probably at home, asleep…

One Direction Shout Out ‘Brother’ Zayn At Billboard Awards

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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One Direction beat 5 Seconds Of Summer, Maroon 5, MAGIC! and Florida Georgia Line (whoever the hell they are) to the top spot in the Best Duo/Group category at the Billboard Music Awards.

Making their debut at an event as a quartet, the boys walked on stage to all the customary shrieks and howls from the crowd, but there’s no doubting the decibel level of the screaming went up when Liam gave Zayn a shout-out. Niall had taken the boring task of graciously thanking the record company and the fans and everyone who’ve supported them, leaving Liam to say the most interesting thing: ‘This one is for the fans but there is one more person we want to share this with and that’s our brother Zayn.’

But will Zayn want any part in the award? After all, he did leave the band so that he could live the life of a ‘normal 22 year old’. We scoured his Twitter page and Instagram for clues, but alas he hasn’t tweeted in ages and he’s deleted his Instagram, leaving it for a fan to take over and post really old photos of him when all we want to see is how well his nose piercing is faring.

Is it crusting nicely? Is it a bit swollen? Is it dripping in TCP? The only thing we do know, after weeks of it being in our consciousness, is he’s had his done on the opposite side to fiancée Perrie Edwards’s nose, which must make it a lot easier to deal with when they’re kissing.

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