One Direction Fans Shut Down Coding Festival

Which is a shame, because so many of them could have benefitted from going along to both a 1D gig and a coding convention...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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The descent of One Direction’s British fans upon Cardiff in June means that organisers have had to cancel a coding convention.

Because One Direction are playing the Cardiff Millenium stadium on the 5th and 6th of June, all the hotels in the area have been booked up. Which means that coders keen to talk about coding and computers and stuff at the DjangoCon Europe convention, also in Cardiff, haven’t been able to book anywhere to stay during the convention. Even though coding is the language of the future, it seems as if the organisers knew that their convention would be unstoppable in the face of legions of directioners, so just cancelled.

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In good humour, they announced the news on DjangoCon's website under the heading: ‘Boy band disrupts DjangoCon Europe’

The announcement read: ‘One Direction are a hugely popular boy band and they’ve decided to hold the only two UK dates of their European tour at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium – right in the middle of our conference’

‘We’re left with no choice but to reschedule the event. We’ll probably find this funny, when we look back on it (perhaps as soon as fifty or sixty years from now) but at the moment we’re not enjoying the situation.’

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Uh oh. Will they be laughing in code? The shame is, it would’ve been so cool if one of the One Direction had gone along to DjangoCon one afternoon before a concert and then went on record (or even on Twitter) to say how cool coding is. Then their fans wouldn’t only be directioners, but directioners learning how to code! Instead of Tumblr pages dedicated to Harry Styles, there would be apps!

And by the way, if you’re from Cardiff but don’t have a ticket to see One Direction? Probably best to stay out of town come early June.

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