10 Olympic Athletes To Follow On Social Media To Get Your #Rio2016 Fix

if you're getting #RIOFOMO why not follow a thousand and one athletes from the comfort of your own home?

11 Olympic Athletes To Follow On Social Media To Get Your #Rio2016 Fix

by Alyss Bowen |
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Can't get enough of the Olympics? We don't blame you, but if you're getting #RIOFOMO why not follow a thousand and one athletes from the comfort of your own home – then go to the gym because you should probably start training for all those races you have...or not. We've rounded up our favourite athletes to follow throughout the Olympics, just for you.

1. Sarah Attar


American born track and field athlete Sarah Attar is currently studying at the Pepperdine University in LA. She is also an Olympic marathon athlete, no biggie. Oh, and she takes amazing pictures of beautiful scenery – currently v jealous someone can be so good at photography and sport. So if you want a different snapshot of Rio, she’s your gal.

2. Simone Biles

‘Hi I’m Simone and I’m an American artistic gymnast,’ is probably how Simone introduces herself. Simone is also a three-time world all-round champion, four-time USA national all-round champion, three-time world floor champion…the list is endless. Follow her on Instagram for for behind-the-scenes gymnastic action.

3. Morgan Lake

Morgan took over our Instagram account a few weeks ago so how could we not love her? This 19-year-old British track and field star is going to be BIG, as is her social media following after this Olympics.

4. Jodie Williams

Want to see British sprinter Jodie Williams (who has a five-year-long unbeaten streak of 151 sprint races, by the way) run in slow mo? Of course you do – now go follow her on Instagram. Expect lots of sports, but also cute polaroids cause who doesn’t love a polaroid?

5. Missy Franklin

My god Melissa Jeanette Franklin (known as Missy) you are a MACHINE. This American, four-time olympic gold medalist currently holds the word-record in 200-metre backstroke and yet her Instagram account is still totally humble and thankful for it all. Dreamy.

6. Tom Daley

Not only did he win BRONZE last night during the men’s synchronized 10m platform event he also has the nicest face in the history of…well, faces. His Instagramaccount is full of fitness and health tips and adorable messages to his Team GB fellow athletes.

7. Vashti Cunnginham

This American track and field athlete specialises in the high jump, if you couldn’t tell from looking at her long legs. Her Insta account makes her look like an off-duty model and we can only expect it’s going to get even better when she lands in Rio.

8. Michael Phelps

We couldn’t not include Michael Phelps, could we? As the most talked about Olympiam of all time (with a casual 23 medals), follow him on Instagram for great Olympic shots and the odd picture of his cute baby.

9. Ellen Hoog

Netherlands hockey team player Ellen Hoog is a serious team player, so if hockey is your thing – check out her account. We also love how super happy she is to be in Brazil at the Olympics, even though she’s competing again for her third consecutive Olympic gold with team NL. Whoa now.

10. The Refugee Olympic team

If you aren’t already following this on Facebook, get on it, stat. Regularly updated with information about the first ever

, I mean how could you not?

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