The Olsen Twins Don’t Brush Their Hair, Get Ready In The Dark

Beauty tips from multimillionares that basically anyone can do...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Considering they're both multi-millionaires with three fashion lines to their empire, the Olsen twins have some brilliantly austere beauty regimes. Speaking at the launch of their new perfume, Nirvana (we think this is after the 90s grunge band, the typeface of the logo looks the same, plus we all know the 27-year-old twins are savvy enough to tap into the 90s-obsessed tumblrcore market), recently-engaged-to-that-tall-French-man Mary-Kate admitted that 'I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week!'

And Ashley said that she gets ready in the dark to avoid glancing in the mirror for any blemishes: 'I don’t do this myself, but I feel like the worst beauty habit that people have is when they pick their own skin.' she told Elle. 'That’s just really bad. Everyone’s tempted to do it sometimes, but it’s just the worst thing you can do. I prefer to get ready with the lights off so I’m never even tempted to look at my skin!'

Of course, the twins, who are worth a reported $300m ($181m) also spoke at length about scent and how they wear it. When it comes to spray perfumes, Mary-Kate will 'usually spray it out and walk through it, or I’ll spray it on me from afar', whereas Ashley will 'spritz' into her hair, as 'it becomes not something that’s really applied, but it becomes something that feels a part of you.'

And there you have it, beauty tips from the 0.01% that basically anyone can do.

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