Olivia Colman Isn’t Olivia Colman’s Real Name

Fans went wild after discovering the Oscar-winning actress' real name as she was awarded an OBE

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Olivia Colman is a household name. The 45-year-old actresswon an Oscar for her performance in this year's The Favourite alongside Emma Stone, and is known for her hilarious character in Peep Show. But despite her incredible success, it seems there's something rather important we didn't know about the star - her name.

This week, when Colman was awarded a CBE as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours 2019, her real name was finally revealed. "There are CBEs for Oscar winning actress Sarah Sinclair (Olivia Coleman)," it said.

The Twittersphere, of course, went wild when the news emerged. One user wrote, 'Hang on... Olivia Colman’s real name is Sarah Sinclair?! How did I not know this?'

Another added, 'Equally pleased by Olivia Colman’s CBE and bemused by the fact her actual name is Sarah Sinclair,' while a particularly puzzled fan tweeted, 'Am I the last person on the planet to find out that Olivia Colman's real name is Sarah Sinclair or has that come as a surprise to others as well?'

Professionally, Colman goes by her middle name teamed with her maiden name. Her full maiden name is Sarah Caroline Olivia Colman, so after marrying her husband Ed Sinclair she became Mrs Sarah Sinclair. However Colman isn't the only star to use their middle name professionally. Meghan Markle's real name is Rachel Meghan Markle and Brad Pitt's full name is William Bradley Pitt. Other stars go even further, including Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga.

Whatever she calls herself, we'll always be a fan of Sarah Sinclair.

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