Olivia Attwood: ‘There’s So Many People That Promote “I’m Natural, I Dissolved Everything” – It’s Bollocks’

The former Love Islander speaks to Grazia about the trend of influencers dissolving fillers, her new series, and why she's tired of people asking when she's going to have children.

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Out of all the Love Islanders from season three, Olivia Attwood continues to be one of the most popular. With 1.9 million followers on Instagram, the former Islander is now on the second series of her own reality show, Olivia Meets Her Match, which follows her relationship with fiancé Bradley Dack. The upcoming series - which starts airing on ITV tonight - will follow the pair moving into their new home, their decision to adopt a dog, Lola (Olivia is a big advocate for adopting, instead of buying, animals) and whether or not their wedding is going to go ahead.

Speaking to Grazia, she says that lockdown was a bit of a test for their relationship, until Bradley was back to playing professional football for his team Blackburn Rovers. 'We don't do well when we're trapped in the house: we like to miss each other and we like a little bit distance,' she tells Grazia. 'I think it's healthy. And luckily football has been quite busy.' Moving house was a huge change, too. 'I hate chaos and I hate change so I was a bit of a nightmare around the time we were moving, and Brad probably had to tolerate me more than vice versa,' she admits.

It's easy to see why she's continued to be so well-liked: Olivia is relatable, honest, and she doesn't hold back - she often speaks her mind, even if that doesn't go down well with some of her reality TV colleagues. The last time Olivia spoke to Grazia in December of last year, she was praised for calling out those who were continuing to go on holiday and brag about it on Insta - despite the fact the coronavirus crisis was getting a lot worse.

Olivia has always been honest about the cosmetic surgery she has had done which, of course, isn't something she had to disclose, but is admirable for her transparency. One of the things she says annoys her is the current trend of celebrities reversing cosmetic work, as she doesn't think all of them are being completely truthful. 'I go back and forth,' Olivia says honestly, 'it's everyone's own business, if you don't want to declare if you've had surgery, if you want to keep that private, that's your own prerogative.'

'But what I don't like - and I see a lot on here - is sadly, there's so many people that actually promote like, "Yeah, I'm natural. I dissolved everything." It's like bollocks: it's total shit, because young girls are going to be confused like "Wait, how does she look like that?"'

'It's like that Kardashian bum thing, it's stupid. Like they've obviously all had like some form of BBL surgery, but to keep saying over and over again but "that's my natural body".' she says. 'It's confusing, because some people will say if they promote it they're going to teach young girls to go and get that done, but also I think it's more confusing and [young girls] are like why does my body look like that, no one's body looks like that naturally. So it's like a difficult one, isn't it?'

Recently, the star did an Instagram Q&A where she said she was fed up of people asking her about the possibility of her and Brad having children. Elaborating on this to Grazia, she explained why the question is so frustrating - and added that, ridiculously, the loaded question was even asked to her just after she left Love Island, with her then-boyfriend Chris Hughes, even though they had only been together a matter of weeks.

'It's not actually normal to like grilling people in that subject,' she says. 'I think it is starting to like change a little bit. Weirdly, we're in 2021 - but I do still think a lot of people like, women and men put down how well a woman is doing by when she's going to have a child or how good their relationship is.'

'We're enjoying our life the way it is, and we always say you just don't know what's going on behind closed doors when you're firing questions,' she adds. 'About eight weeks after I came out of Love Island, I remember a journalist being like, "So, kids on the horizon?" And we were like, "What the fuck?". It was the weirdest question I've ever been asked! And then it just carried on after that. It just never stops. And I think we've all just used to it in a way.'

Even though she says she is 'busy enjoying life the way it is', she does say the constant feeling of baby pressure has got to her. 'I kind of got to that point where I started saying to Brad "I feel weird that I don't find babies and kids cute, like maybe there's something wrong with me?" But he was like, "No, Liv you're just letting everyone get in your head. Because people are questioning you." And I went "Oh my God, you're so right" because I've got loads of friends with kids, and loads without. We're just at different stages in life.'

You can keep up with Olivia's current stage in life on Olivia Meets Her Match on Wednesdays on ITVBe at 9pm.

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