Olivia Attwood Claims The Love Island Villa Is Worse Than Coronavirus Lockdown


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While being on a reality show might seem like a nightmare for some, for other people being on a show like Love Island is a dream come true. A free holiday, with the guarantee of a few (million) more Instagram followers than you walked in with. But according to one former contestant, it isn’t all it seems.

Olivia Attwood - who starred on the show in 2017 - has said being on Love Island was worse than the current coronavirus lockdown. She told the MailOnline, ‘We were more contained, there was more control. In the villa, you couldn't call anyone or go for a walk. If anything, it was worse!’

She added that the current situation is better as she can chat to genuine friends, and currently, we're all still technically allowed to leave our house (for a walk/jog, once a day). ‘You can make whatever food you want and have a glass of wine, whereas in Love Island you ate when you were told to eat and you had minimal alcohol,’ she added. 'Not to mention the whole country was watching and judging you!'

Meanwhile, this week, this year's second place couple - Luke T and Siânnise Fudge - shared their top three tips for isolating with your significant other. ‘We’ve been isolated in a house all of 2020,’ Luke T wrote on his Instagram stories, sharing a pic of him and Siânnise in the Beach Hut. 'Self isolation 101.'

He then shared a pic of the pair’s iconic dance to Wiley’s Heatwave, advising that exercise is important during lockdown. ‘1. Stay fit. Home workouts. Walks/runs. TikTok dances. Breakfast.' (Yes, breakfast means ‘doing bits’.)

‘2. Give each other space,’ he continued. ‘We’re all gonna get on each other’s nerves at some point, stay patient.’

Then, Luke shared perhaps his most fun tip to pass the time. ‘3. Get dressed up,’ he wrote. ‘Getting dressed up to stay in is funnier than it looks! Have a dinner date or mini party.’

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