Now We Know Where Jennifer Lawrence Was Instead Of The Baftas

She was over in Montreal re-shooting scenes for The X Men…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Considering Jennifer Lawrence was bestowed with the Best Supporting Actress award at the BAFTAs, and celebrities from Martin Scorcese to Jessie J turned up, it was a bit weird that she wasn't there. American Hustle director David O. Russell, accepting her award on her behalf, committed her pre-prepared acceptance speech to memory, telling the crowd at the event that she: 'enjoyed the opportunity to enact heartbreak, romance, rebirth, music and life.'

But where the eff was she? Her co-stars Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper all turned up, and none of them even won awards, despite being nominated in various categories. It has now emerged that Jennifer wasn't filming* The Hunger Games *as some fans said to justify her absence, but reprising her role of Mystique to do reshoots on the latest instalment of The X Men: Days Of Future Past. She was spotted in Montreal wearing a big fluffy jacket on Sunday morning, just hours before the BAFTAs began.

Now we love the fact that she's dedicated to the cause but WTF? We missed the chance to have her in the UK for The X Men series? This does not seem fair. That news will also be of little comfort to Lupita Nyong'o, who turned up but was pipped to the post by the absent Jennifer. Ever since, her social media activity has skyrocketed, doing that 'look at what a great time I've been having!' thing people do on Instagram, as if she's been dumped or something.

Still, we get the idea that Jennifer will make time for the Oscars, where she is again nominated for Best Supporting actress.

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