North West’s Prom Dress Will Definitely Be A Gazillion Times Better Than Yours

The perks of being Kim Kardashian-West's daughter


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When it comes to hand-me-downs from our mothers, at best it's likely that you got a solid pair of actual mom jeans, or a vintage jacket that you originally cringed at when you were 14 but have now realised is totally back on trend. Unsurprisingly, that won't be the case for North West.

One thing I've always wondered about celebrities who have hundreds of beautiful dresses designed for them to wear to flashy events, premieres and parties, is what do they do with them afterwards? Because one wouldn't dream of repeating an outfit.

Well, Kim Kardashian-West says that she keeps hold of hers, and one day her daughter North will be able to take her pick. Kim’s saving all of the dresses she has worn to the Met Gala and told People magazinethat 'Maybe she'll want to wear one to prom'.

Although I can’t imagine anyone wearing a few of Kim's stand out (see through) numbers my prom, I have to admit it’s quite a sweet idea, isn’t it? I do feel for all of little North’s friends though. I found buying a dress for a prom/disco/ event that involves looking nice in front of other humans stressful enough without the possibility of having to stand next to my red carpet ready best pal in photos.

Kim also said: 'Everything I have is for her, and she'll look at it and say, "Can I wear that one day," and I'm like, "Yes, you can," and she'll say "OK, I'm gonna go eat my vegetables, but I'll be back and be big."'

N’awww. I guess if I’d had the incentive of inheriting a wardrobe full of designer dresses to grow into, I might’ve finished my broccoli too.

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