This Nicki/Taylor/Beyoncé/Raven/Miley Spoof Might Not Be PC, But It’s Pretty Lol

It also shows just how political pop has got...

This Nicki/Taylor/Beyoncé/Raven/Miley Spoof Might Not Be PC, But It's Pretty Lol

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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So you know how the pop culture has become political of late, with Nicki Minaj pointing out problems with the way that, in the media, white women will be unduly celebrated over black women despite similar achievements? And Taylor Swift not necessarily getting that she benefits from this bias? And Miley Cyrus still irking some people by borrowing stuff from black culture? And Beyoncé kind of running things because she's so bloody rich? And, well (now this is a throwback) Raven Symoné (she used to be on The Cosby Show) saying she won't identify as African American because she feels mostly American?

Well, it sounds turgid and heavy and intricate and yeah it is, but this video - which really isn't that PC - takes a lolsy side-eye, ahead of the MTV VMAs, at everything that's going on. And it gets better with every watch:


Posted by [Merium Toppa](#) on Monday, 27 July 2015

We get that MTV have done a promo video for Miley Cyrus presenting this month's VMAs of her unwinding her middle finger and that's all good and well...

but, in the words of Kanye West, I'mma let you finish but the spoof video of Miley and Nicki and Taylor and Beyoncé and the above is the best promo for the show we've seen yet...

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