Nicki Minaj Gets ‘Engaged’,Tells Fans ‘Don’t Depend On a Man For Anything’

The rapper's people have yet to properly confirm betrothal to Meek Mill, but the ring says it all…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Nicki Minaj may or may not be engaged to rapper Meek Mill, but one thing’s for sure, she’s got some pretty incredible and touching life advice.

The rapper uploaded to Instagram a close-up photo of a massive heart-shaped diamond-filled ring on the third finger of her left hand along with a caption full of those happy and heart-eyed emoji and those diamond and ring emoji.

This was after she was spotted wearing the ring in another Instagram photo of her with Meek Mill against a car in Miami. While his ’n’ hers’ people haven’t yet confirmed the engagement, someone on Twitter told Meek he was lucky and he replied: ‘I am!’

It’s not quite ‘I do’ but in the meantime, more importantly than quibbling over a bit of bling, this video of Nicki is being shared far and wide on social media:

In the video, filmed on Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint tour, she made a nod to the more sensitive slant of this album and doled out some life advice to her fans: ‘Make sure you go to school, ladies make sure you don’t depend on a man for anything.’ Also ‘Make sure that you always give your all, and if they tell you you’re not good enough, they lied. You’re perfect.’

Which is pretty flawless in itself, right? In light of this ‘engagement’, Nicki seems to explain that yes, you can want a man who you can fall in love with and get engaged to – but at the very same time you don’t, and hopefully, will never ever need a man.

For her to say it in so many word on stage is pretty inspiring. Let's hope it’s an idea that catches on with everyone who wants to talk about her…

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