ICYMI: Nick Jonas Got High Before The Young Hollywood Awards And Got A Boner

We've never been more thankful that we don't have a penis.

ICYMI: Nick Jonas Got High Before The Young Hollywood Awards And Got A Boner

by Alyss Bowen |
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Firstly: hahahahaha ha ha ha Secondly: OK now onto the story that initiated that outburst. Nick Jonas appeared on Jimmy Fallon this week, and during his visit he told the tale of how he got a boner the morning of the Young Hollywood Awards. It went a little something like this.

The 23-year-old singer decided to go out to celebrate his last single release, when one of his friends wives offered him a weed lollipop. Nick decided to try said lollipop and went on to have a great night, until the next morning. Waking up, he felt weird and everything was in slow motion. He tried to have a shower to calm himself down, but time ran out and he had to go appear on the red carpet.

In the car he felt better, until he got a boner, or a NARB as he likes to call it (apparently short for ‘non-apparent reason boner). So poor Nick had to stand on the red carpet holding his hands over his boner to shield the world from his misfortune. He also had to present an award, with his boner. Nick and his boner presented an award at the Young Hollywood Awards, with thousands of people watching him and his boner. Poor poor guy. The end.

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