Newly-Recovered Miley Cyrus Sightsees In London With Her Mum

The singer had been in hospital suffering from an allergic reaction to antibiotics...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Last week, when Miley Cyrus waslaid up in hospital suffering from an allergic reaction to antibiotics, we were kind of worried sick that she wouldn't be able to make it to her London gig at The O2. Because one of Team Debrief likes her so much (the one who's writing this article, can you tell?) that they bought actual tickets to see her, with actual money and didn't even try to get freebies.

Well, luckily, Miley, who last week said she was so ill that 'I couldn't breathe and my skin – everything – was going insane' is very much better after some hospital time, and she will live to slide down a massive tongue and twerk on stage once more. Or a hundred times more, or however long The Bangerz Tour will continue bringing joy to Miley's fans around the world. Did we mention we're excited? Sky Ferreira is also supporting her over here, which was news to us (we thought she was only joining Miley on the US leg of the tour) until Sky announced it via her Instagram.


And we know that Miley is fighting fit, because not only has she been posting videos of her and a mate twerking around to Lil' John in her hotel room, but she's been able to lug herself around London to check out some of the city's finest sights with her mum. Taking it easy – no falling out of clubs this trip, (well, so far) – she took a picture of Big Ben looming above her, and also did a selfie with Tish (that's her mum) in Trafalgar Square, missing out Nelson's column so she could get the big blue cock (that's what's on the fourth plinth of the square just FYI) on to her head in the shot. Wilfully being a bit of a cock-head for a lol? Miley seems back to normal, for sure.

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