The New Royal Baby’s About To Make Lots of Money For Some People

And Kate Middleton’s not even in labour…yet.

The New Royal Baby's Going To Make Big Money For The Public

by Sophie Wilkinson |

If you’re reading this while Kate Middleton’s in labour – because at the time of writing she really could be at any moment – let’s all hope that it’s very quick and painless because, well, wouldn’t you wish that on anyone going through childbirth?

If you’re reading this before Kate’s in labour, well, just FYI, there are people who’re already camping out outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, where Kate does all of her birthing and Prince William does all of his hand-holding and support. (We hope he holds her hand!)

Some of them are wearing entire Union Jack get-ups and have brought along signs saying, ‘It’s a Princess!’ and ‘It’s a Prince’ because no-one = knows what it’s going to be yet. But, despite all its riches and privilege, gender will still play a pretty huge role in how this child grows up into such an old-fashioned role of duty and chivalry under the glare of a new media of Snapchats and video paparazzi.

And as for the sex of the new royal baby? One fan – well, this person might not be a fan, or just someone who’s overheard a pretty incredible tip-off – has bet a whopping £10,000, reports The Sun, on the chances of the baby being a girl. The man from Manchester, in his 30s, will get a payout of £15,000 if this is the case.

While 90% of bets are on Kate having a girl, this baby will be making money for thousands of people, which is pretty incredible for a member of the royal family, let alone a newborn. Oh, and as for when Kate gives birth? Odds have been slashed to 5-1 that it’ll be this Saturday or Sunday. We’ll keep you updated. Perhaps not with rolling live coverage, though.

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