New Gone Girl Trailer Gives Us A Tiny Bit More Insight Into Amy

This time we get a creepy voiceover and some lingering glimpses of the gone girl in question, played by Rosamund Pike...


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In previous Gone Girl trailers, we've seen a lot of Ben Affleck, who plays Nick, but haven't got much insight to his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) who's the gone girl in question. But in this* new* trailer, we get a tiny bit of (chilling) voiceover, which leads us tantalisingly closer to the idea that the film might be as dual-voiced as the book (the he-said, she-said structure is one of the things that made Gillian Flynn's novel such a page-turner, right?).

'Man of my dreams. This man of mine may truly… kill me' Amy/Rosamund says over the clip, as it turns from sexily dark to just scarily dark, featuring those gross wooden puppets from the book, accusations being flung and Neil Patrick Harris being very creepy playing the role of someone that was practically written to be played by Neil Patrick Harris.

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We also get a load more of the other female characters we loved from the book – the small town female investigator looking at where on earth Amy's got to, and Nick's sister Margo questioning whether Nick is as innocent as he says he is.

Best of all, this trailer tells us that Gone Girl isn't just coming soon, but has a rating – R – for American screens. This tells us it's so very very close, and that director David Fincher (who also did the video for Madonna's Vogue, who knew?) is pulling no punches when it comes to the sex scenes or the gorier parts of the book.

Now that it's officially winter, we're totally ready for this film please.

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