Love Island’s Nas Apologises To Demi For How He Handled Eva Romance

It is what it is.


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Say it ain't so. Nas Majeed, one of our Love Island favourites, has left the villa after a shock eviction last night. He and Eva Zapico were given the push as part of a double cull, which also saw Rebecca Gormley and Jordan Waobikeze kicked off the programme.

Jordan and Rebecca were told first, with the villa's inhabitants saying their goodbyes. But then, there was a surprise: a public vote had chosen Nas and Eva to go home too.

Speaking after the eviction, Nas said he only had one regret. 'The only thing I would do differently is not kiss Eva on the first night in the main villa', he explains. 'In my defence, me and Eva were talking under the covers, when it was light, I think Demi assumed we were kissing which is when she got upset. But we actually tried to be a bit more respectful and try and kiss silently, when the lights were off... out of sight, you couldn’t hear us. But at the same time, to explain that to Demi was still a kick in the teeth. So I’ll hold my hands up, I do apologise.'

Nevertheless, his Love Island highlight has nothing to do with Eva. Asked for his favourite moment, he said: 'When Sean Paul came in! That was surreal. I high-fived him. I was like, I’m never going to wash this hand again,’ and then five minutes later I was eating cheese and onion crisps.'

With many Love Islanders struggling to find real love once they are back in the real world, Nas is feeling philosophical about his and Eva's chances. 'There’s no real pressure on it at this point', he says. 'We are from similar areas back home, we do get on like a house on fire. She’d fit in really well with my friends... I feel like she’s the female version of me. She just dishes it out, the banter, it’s really nice, we bounce off each other, it’s not soppy all the time. I’m excited to see what the future holds.'

After all, it is what it is, right Nas?

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