Naomie Harris Wants People To Stop Asking When She’ll Have Children

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

Naomie Harris is a talented actress, who has just earned her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress thanks to her stunning performance in Moonlight. As Moneypenny in the Bond films, she's also a part of the biggest film franchise of all time. Yet despite this, according to Naomi, the 40-year-old is still constantly fielding questions about when she will become a mother. Eye. Roll.

In an interview with Woman, the actress revealed that she finds this line of questioning 'bizarre.'

'People ask, “So when are you going to have children?” I think it’s a really odd thing because it’s such a personal decision,' she told the magazine. 'And also, you don't know what is happening in someone's life.'

Even when it comes from those who are closest to her, Naomie is frustrated by this societal pressure that subjects women to questioning about their reproductive choices.

'I find it bizarre, even with my friends, when they want me to have children,' she said. 'Why would you encourage anybody to have children unless it was their burning desire? You need to be fully committed to it.'

Naomie goes on to reveal that her mother always encouraged her to focus on her career and her achievements, explaining 'My mum has always said, “You can achieve anything, you can do anything.”'

'She always says, “Have children when you’re ready, if you’re ready, but only then,” and I’d never had any pressure.'

'I think that really helps, having that bedrock of support from my mum and having grown up in that environment means I don’t really feel pressured by other people.'

Amen to both Naomie and her equally inspiring mum.

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