Naomi Campbell And Skepta Are On The Cover Of GQ And We Can’t Breathe

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Naomi Campbell And Skepta Are On The Cover Of GQ And We Can’t Breathe

by Phoebe Parke |
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The always iconic Naomi Campbell has taken our breath away again by appearing on the cover of GQ Magazine alongside rumoured more-than-just-a-friend Skepta.

The pair met in November 2016, according to the cover story, while presenting at the British Fashion Awards.

They were introduced by new British Vogue editor Edward Enninful, no less, and took pictures together before going on to an after party where Skepta lost his phone.

Looks like that wasn’t the end of the friendship as Skepta, real name Joseph Adenuga, called on Campbell to wear a piece from his new MAINS underwear collection for the *GQ *shoot.

The cover photo shows Skepta lovingly holding Naomi’s head, and she’s very much the focus of the image, the GQ logo literally covers half of Skepta’s brow.

Another image has been teased which shows Skepta lying down looking adoringly into Naomi’s face while she looks straight at the camera.

Skepta wears a lock and chain around his neck, one not dissimilar to the one on the cover of his EP Vicious, released in October 2017.


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Step 10: Feel Great Because You're An Independent Woman With A Kick-Ass Bod

And check those security settings on your phone again.

Predictably people took to Twitter to share their excitement at the GQ collab.

The pictures, taken by photographer An Lee, are reminding some of Skepta’s 2011 single ‘All Over The House’, for which he shot an x-rated video featuring a porn star having sex.

Legendary grime artist Skepta started his unisex label MAINS in 2017, inspired by British youth and the streetwear of his own childhood.

Inside the covers, Campbell and Adenuga speak about something a little more serious than underwear, the article is about how the pair met, and their experiences around race and sex. The issue will be available from Thursday March 8.

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