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Monica Lewinsky Says She Was 'Uninvited' From An Event That Bill Clinton Decided To Go To

Monica Lewinsky, who was catapulted into infamy back in 1996 after having a sexual relationship with then-president Bill Clinton, says she was uninvited from an event, because Clinton would be in attendance.

In a move that exceeds social faux pas and lingers at the boundary of inexcusable by the contextual standards of 2018, an event that was later revealed to be Town & Country magazine's annual philanthropic summit held on Wednesday, retracted the invitation they had given to Lewinsky when Clinton was subsequently due to attend.

Lewinsky tweeted: 'dear world: please don't invite me to an event (esp one about social change) and --then after i've accepted-- uninvite me because bill clinton then decided to attend/was invited.'

'its 2018.', Lewinsky added. 'emily post would def not approve'.

In a separate tweet Lewinsky also said: 'p.s. ...and definitely, please don't try to ameliorate the situation by insulting me with an offer of an article in your mag.'

Huffington Post later reported that it was in fact the Town & Country summit, where Clinton introduce Parkland school shooting survivor and activist Emma Gonzalez, that Lewinsky was uninvited to.

Bill Clinton's press secretary Angel Ureña tweeted in response to the Huffington Post report to confirm that while Clinton did attend the Town & Country event, he did not do so knowing that it was at the expense of Lewinsky's invite. He said: 'President Clinton was invited to address the Town & Country Philanthropy Summit. He gladly accepted. Neither he nor his staff knew anything about the invitation or it being rescinded.'

While Town & Country have not yet explicitly confirmed that these were the circumstances of Lewinsky having her initial invitation retracted, they have since given a public apology on Twitter in acknowledgement of how shockingly they dealt with the situation.

They wrote: 'We apologize to Ms. Lewinsky and regret the way the situation was handled'.

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