People Are Losing Their Shit Over The Rumour Monica And Chandler Could Be Dating IRL

Could we BE any more excited about this rumour?

People Are Losing Their Shit Over The Fact Monica And Chandler Could Be Dating IRL

by Lauren Smith |
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Courteney Cox broke up with her fiance, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid this year. Sad news for Courteney, but Friends fans seem convinced that she’s moved on – with her former co-star Matthew Perry. AKA MONICA AND CHANDLER COULD BE DATING IRL.

The best celebrity rumour we have ever heard in our LIVES has spread like wildfire across social media, after a tweet went viral showing Perry looking at Cox like Chandler looks at Monica. He’s her lobster, etc.

Star magazine in the US is also claiming that the pair are ‘hooking up’, with a single source confirming the ‘news’ to the tabloid.

That ‘source’ might have just seen this tweet, tbh:

Now, we don’t want to be bursting anyone’s Friends-related bubble, but the rumours are actually probably not true. Mainly because the picture above dates from 2005, when Cox was still married to David Arquette. Also, another source told Entertainment Tonight that the rumours are ‘untrue’.

So this is probably just a case of wishful thinking from the internet. But it would have been so brilliant if it were true. We’ll just have to make do with gifs instead.


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