Body Shaming Molly-Mae Hague Shows How Toxic Attitudes Have Become Towards Women’s Bodies

The Love Island star has responded after hateful comments were left on a paparazzi photo of her in a bikini.


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Like many celebrities, Love Island’s Molly-Mae{ =nofollow}and Tommy Fury have made the most of lockdown restrictions being lifted by heading out on holiday. Desperate to get away, the pair booked a last minute his-and-hers trip to Ibiza, jetting off the next day. And yesterday, the pair were photographed by the beach, with Molly wearing a floral bikini.

But while Molly looks great - some people have been commenting on the way her body looks in the candid pictures - with some calling her ‘lardy' and saying she needs to go to the gym. Retweeting some of the hateful comments that have been left on a tabloid news story, Molly wrote, ‘I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments? Like how can you actually write shit like that and sleep at night? Beyond me.’

Last year's winner Amber Gill responded, 'They're actually fucking weirdos man, like who in their right mind would even go to the comment section to say ANYTHING, you have a lush body and tbh I'd love to see what they look like.'

In the pictures, which are unposed, Molly’s body looks completely and totally normal. The fact a still slim woman is having her figure commented on for being 'too lardy' - not that anybody should ever be called 'lardy' - shows just how toxic some people’s attitudes have become towards women's bodies.

It’s incredibly sad, but true, that some people would prefer to see a woman look as tiny as possible, by any means, than a 'normal' body with even a hint of cellulite (cellulite, it goes without saying, is not a bad thing). It’s no wonder so many women are conditioned to have problems with their figures from an incredibly young age. According to Beat, approximately 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder (and 75% of that figure are women).

In fact, the influencer has said in the past that she is now a lot happier since leaving the show as she prepared for her time in the villa with a rigorous fitness routine. ‘I was a stone and a half lighter a year ago but that’s because I was at the gym twice a day, and was obsessed with my diet,’ she told OK! Magazine. ‘All I was eating was couscous and rice. It was probably unhealthy, and I was extremely underweight for my height. I was a size four,’ she continued. ‘I might not be as confident in my body as I was before, but I am healthier.’

We think you look amazing, Molly.

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