Here’s Why Molly-Mae Declined A £2Million Fashion Deal…

It's an offer most wouldn't refuse.

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If you're asked to think of the most successful Love Islander of all time, the chances are you're probably going to say one person: Molly-Mae Hague. Just two years after she appeared on the show, the influencer has gained an eye-watering 5.8million followers on Instagram, thanks to her chic outfit posts, andthat Louis Vuitton giveaway it seemed like everyone was sharing last year. Oh, and she's still with her boyfriend from the show, Tommy Fury.

Win win.

But Molly - who already had a large Instagram following before she went in the villa - has been successful since the moment she left the villa. She was one of the first to strike a huge fashion deal, landing a £500,000 deal with PrettyLittleThing{ =nofollow}, who she still works with now. And since then, Molly has been offered more and more collaborations. But she doesn't always say yes to them - even if they're prepared to pay really, really big money.

In fact, speaking in a new YouTube video with her manager Fran Britton, it was revealed that Molly said no to a £2million deal. Yep, she casually declined more cash than we could ever dream of. Why? Simply because she didn't shop at the brand.

In the video, Fran explained how she works with Molly, with their motivation being the goals Molly sets. 'Molly tells me her goals, like, "I want to buy a house, I want to take my family away",' Fran explained. 'It’s my job to make those goals happen. She also tells me the goals of the brands she wants to work with, so I say okay, I will make it happen.'

Fran then revealed the details surrounding one of Molly's biggest offers, which we still can't believe she refused. 'A high street fashion brand came along last year, offered me £2million, which is a lot of money, and said to me, "We’re obsessed with Molly-Mae, we’d love her to be the face of our brand, we want her to work with us'" I thought, "Brilliant!", and then I said to [Molly-Mae], "How do you feel about that?" and she said no,' Fran said.

Even though that £2million would have achieved Molly's goal of owning a house, the reality star still wasn't interested. Her manager, Fran, continued, saying: 'I said, "Why? You told me you want to buy that house", and she said, "No I don’t buy my clothes from there". I said to her, "Well you can start!"' It's an offer we can't imagine most people would refuse.

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