Miley Cyrus Parties On After Her Home Gets Burgled

Singer got 'turned up' with her brother Braison instead of fussing about stolen Maserati...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Learning to appreciate experiences over objects and developing a zen-like reluctance to grow attached to possessions isn't exactly a mantra we'd have expected Miley Cyrus to have learned. But it looks as if she really couldn't give a crap about material things as, within hours of it being discovered that a 2014 Maserati worth $102,000 (£60,930) and some jewellery had been stolen from the LA home, Miley was too busy having fun in a jet plane in Europe to care.

According to**, the LAPD says that their North Hollywood station are investigating the burglary, and so far they know that a man and a woman clambered over a fence to get to the property while no-one was home.

Where was Miley? Well, it looks she'd cheered up from her earlier sadness, as she was in a jet somewhere in Europe in the middle of her Bangerz tour, seeming to not give any shits. Because, in a series of videos uploaded last night her and 'sugabear' brother Braison seem to get turned up, dancing about like their brains are filled with nothing but fun.

We can't really blame her. As fun as a Maserati might be, does it really compare to having a right lol of a time with your nearest and dearest (on a private jet)?

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