Miley Cyrus And Hillary Clinton Act. Together. On TV. There’s Proof!

Taylor Swift’s ever-growing squad was also taken apart by the series premiere of Saturday Night Live

Miley Cyrus And Hillary Clinton Act. Together. On TV. There's Proof!

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Who’s got short blonde hair, a pretty liberal outlook, and has appeared on SNL this past weekend? Well, it’s Hillary Clinton and Miley Cyrus! The pair were both on the season premiere of the show, and even performed in a skit together…

Miley played a woman at a bar slagging off Hillary Clinton and bigging up the Republicans’ Carly Fiorina (who basically wants abortion outlawed), while Kate McKinnon played a frustrated Hillary Clinton and Hillary herself played…a bartender.

Impressively, she remained stony-faced during the audience’s whooping and cheering, and she also stood up to a few pisstakes e.g. sucking it up when ‘Hillary’ being self-effacing, said she could’ve supported gay marriage a lot earlier.

Oh, and she also brought out the Donald Trump impression: ‘Isn’t he the one who’s like “uuuh, you’re all loser”’

They then sang together. Really.

Much to Miley Cyrus’s glee, she was introduced by Hillary later in the show when she sang about her* Dead Petz* (that’s what her entire album is about, fact-fans!)

And of course, the swipe at Taylor Swift might’ve been the best skit in the show. The fake film trailer for* The Squad* compared Taylor’s ever-growing ‘squad’ to a zombie apocalypse where everyone in the world is kidnapped/stolen by Taylor to be one of her friends who has taco parties with her, lies on an American flag beach towel then gets on stage with her, only to walk around a bit and then poof…disappear…

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