Miley Cyrus Gets On The Sauce In A Big Way With Mum Tish To Celebrate Her Birthday

The singer shared 'birthday shots' with her mum Tish on her 54th birthday...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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It must be nice for Miley Cyrus to have her mum on tour with her. As well as having someone on hand to sort her out when she gets a wardrobe malfunction – as she did at the London instalment of her Bangerz tour– there's someone to party with. Seriously.

As well as sightseeing around London and visiting a church graveyard in Glasgow in the past couple of weeks, they sampled a British bar until pretty late last night to celebrate Tish's 54th birthday. Yes, yes, these pictures will defy you to wonder how a 54 year old can look so utterly young, but that is just how blessed the Cyruses are with looking-great genes.


Miley posted to Instagram not one, not two, not three, but 11 photos of her and her mum and some mates (all with their faces painted in pink and yellow war stripes for some reason) drinking and playing about in bunny masks and comedy fedora-sunglasses combinations. Oh, and there was a fireworked stand full of birthday shots, we forgot to mention.


Miley also pointed out just how great her mum looks, captioning a selfie of them sipping espresso martinis, '@brandicyrus said it best "My mom is hotter than your mom."'


Tish uploaded five photos her party to Instagram too, captioning a photo of her and Miley, 'Love You @mileycyrus Thanks for the best Birthday Night Ever!!'

So if you're wondering how to keep your mum perky until gone midnight on a Tuesday? Two words - espresso martinis.

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