Miley Cyrus Gets Ill, Takes An Illfie In Hospital

Yes, we've just coined the word 'illfie', it's ill and selfie put together...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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We’ve noticed recently that celebrities are very happy to broadcast their latest health issues. Whereas the celebrities of yore would shy away from sharing these private moments, today’s starlets are happy to share their scabs, plaster casts and IVs. There's Alexa Chung scraping her knees, Lily Allen’s doing her #iwokeuplikethis ugly selfies, Cara Delevingne Instagramming photos of her and Michelle Rodriguez’s matching IV drips, and proving he really is an ingénue, Justin Bieber uploaded a photo of himself in hospital bed way back in early 2013.

So when Miley Cyrus was rushed to hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction to her antibiotics, she tweeted a photo of herself in the hospital bed. What can we call this trend? This habit for sharing our illnesses, our ails and pains on social media? The ill selfie? The illfie. You heard it here first. And it's sick.

By the way, Miley, who had to cancel her Kansas City gig, has since tweeted that she won’t be able to make her St. Louis show, either: ‘I can't get a hold of my team because it is so early so I want to be the one to tell my fans especially the ones trekking to get there(tbc) ‘the hospital is sayin i wont b released today [crying cat emoji] therefore Im not going 2 make it 2 St Louis. Im so sorry but somethings are outta my control.'

She earlier complained at the haters suggesting that her illness is put on, and just an excuse so she doesn’t have to perform: ‘humans can b so selfish. if any1 thinks id rather b layin n a hospital bed than doing what i love on stage theyre fuckin LAME. im miserable[crying cat emoji]’

Fingers crossed she’s well enough to tour the UK in early May, because, whatever you think of her, we're certain the concert is going to be sensational.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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