Miley Cyrus And Ed Sheeran Have Beef, But Only Miley Has Pork

Their argument is totally redundant when you see how cute her little Instagrammable piglet is…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Forget Nicki Minaj vs Iggy Azalea or Rita Ora vs Nicki Minaj or Rita Ora vs Calvin Harris, we've got another celebrity feud for you, but this one will be settled by one singular hand-held piglet.

Bear with us. At the MTV VMAs, Ed Sheeran won the award for best ginger puppet in a video or something (Best Male Video) and as he went up to collect the award, high-fived his mate Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber's manager). But sitting right near him was Miley Cyrus, who he didn't high five. And, um, as well as that, Miley wasn't clapping and seemed to call Ed an 'asshole'.

Check out the footage here, it's pretty obvious she's not keen on him:

When questioned why he didn't high-five Miley by Ryan Seacrest, Ed said: 'Well, I don't know why people were expecting that [high-five]. I've never met her…I don't know what people were expecting.'

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We totally get where the beef started; last year Ed said of Miley's fondness for twerking: 'If you go to a strip club, not that I go to strip clubs, but if you go to a strip club, they twerk,' he also added that she shouldn't be 'encouraging little kids to twerk' and gave her loads of advice on how to be 'classy'.

But, here's the thing. It might not seem relevant, but a quick glance at the pair's Instagram accounts (where else do you measure a celebrity's worth to their fans?) shows that Miley totally wins any argument right now.

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While Ed might have given the world some annoyingly catchy songs of late, Miley's got the most adorable piglet ever and she keeps on posting photos of it. And if it really comes down to picking sides, for the sake of cuteness, we're on her team. Plus, that pig's going to grow up one day.

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