Miley Cyrus Designed A Bunch Of Bonkers Jewellery For Jeremy Scott’s Runway Show

She took a bow with the designer at New York Fashion Week


by Fiona Byrne |

We’ve been following Miley Cyrus’ crafting career since she started Instagramming her creations, and were actually pleasantly surprised at the sculptures that went on display on Wednesday morning at the V Magazine offices in New York. She’d hinted that she was preparing something for Jeremy Scott’s show later in the day, but we’d no idea she would play such a major role!

Miley designed all the accessories for the show, bringing her colourful junk pieces to the runway via a myriad of brightly-coloured beaded bracelets, crazy head pieces and necklaces that included a ton of random, weird shit like miniature toys and er, Magic Tree car air fresheners.


The collaboration happened because Miley and Jeremy are neighbours in LA and one night he was at her house and she showed him all the weird stuff she was making. Jeremy thought it kind of looked like his collection and asked if she would do the jewellery for his show. She thought he was joking, but he texted her the next day and was like, ‘BTW, I was deadly serious about the jewellery thing,’ and she was like, ‘Oh, amazing.’


Miley actually made everything mostly by herself, although she said the guy who built the big teddy bear for her Bangerz tour helped her with some practical stuff. When Jeremy came out at the end of the show, he dragged Miley from her seat to do a runway lap with him. Cute.


The new collection was inspired by a music festival, or some kind of major outdoor party, hence the title Dirty Hippie. One thing’s for sure, Miley’s accessories could not be more Burning Man.

Picture: Instagram

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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