Miley Cyrus Reportedly In Black Mirror And Yes, We’re Surprised Too

Miley could do with some positivity right now...

Miley Cyrus

by Sophie Wilkinson |

The Netflix series Black Mirror has, apparently, got an unlikely star as its lead - one Miley Cyrus.

The singer-actor, who we last saw act in Hannah Montana, has been spotted shopping in Cape Town, South Africa - where the gorgeous landscape scenes of the very popular San Junipero episode of writer Charlie Brooker’s show was filmed. Presumably after some sort of interaction with Miley, Avukile Mabombo, the marketing manager of a hotel, told a local reporter she was there to film the hit Netflix show.

Could this episode be a re-run of San Junipero, an uncharacteristically upbeat story about how technology can help us live in paradise forever? Well, a nice positive story could arrive just at the right time for for Miley, who’s faced some personal crap from not only the world at large and, um, her new colleague.

If the rumours are true, the singer-actor, whose last big acting role was as Hannah Montana, now has to work with Brooker, who, when he was 39 and she just 19 - took the time to call her ‘perhaps the only convincing argument I’ve ever seen for China’s unofficial policy of discarding female infants at birth’

Ouch! What a way of exploiting the real trauma of young girls in order to, um, vilify another girl!

Let’s hope Miley has already uncovered the ridicule Charlie once levied at her and the pair have buried the hatchet. After all, the Wrecking Ball singer has already this week, thanks to days-long forest fires in California, had her home burn down. Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth documented the tragic gutting of their Malibu pad on his Instagram page, focusing on some giant letters spelling out ‘LOVE’ which were incinerated in the blaze:

Miley, meanwhile, tweeted:

Because it’s not only celebrities such as Gerard Butler and Kim Basinger and Neil Young and Robin Thicke who have lost their homes to the wildfires, but everyday, regular people. So far, 48 people have died in the fires, the deadliest in Californian history. Many to have died lived in Paradise, a retirement community.

Despite there being concerns that a lack of federal funding (that’s centralised funding provided at government level, not state-level) has led to patchy resources with regard to fire prevention as part of a greater war against climate change. Donald Trump tweeted:

His claim has been debunked as misleading. With that as ours - and Americans’ - reality, it’ll be very interesting to see what sort of technological armageddon Charlie Brooker can come up with for series five of Black Mirror, Miley or no Miley.

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