Michelle Williams Has Had Enough Of Being Typecast As Beyonce’s Hanger-On

The singer has hit out at a #PoorMichelle hashtag that was going around Twitter


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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It’s a long-running ‘joke’ that Michelle Williams is the lesser of the Destiny’s Child triumvirate. And though she’s still tight with Beyoncé – she appeared in her recent video for Superpower – and it’s been 16 years since Bugaboo, she still has to put up with people insisting she was left out by Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland while in the band.

However, Michelle has finaly taken this to task when she noticed the #PoorMichelle hashtag trending on Twitter. Including pictures of Destiny’s Child where it appears Michelle is being sidelined, ignored, or forced to wear bad clothes (come on, they all had to do that), the singer, who ventured into gospel following Destiny’s Child's split/retirement/eternal sabbatical, decided to respond.

And it’s since been retweeted over 23,000 times. Will that stop people saying that Michelle, who joined Destiny’s Child in 2009 after two previous members had departed, but who remained part of the line-up for the rest of the band’s output, is the outcast of the group? Well, as long as this video exists, probably not:

Sorry, babes.

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