Michelle Obama’s Pep Talk About Girl Power Might Make You A Bit Teary

If you're going to procrastinate with one video today, let it be this one...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Forget TED talks, Michelle Obama has just given the most incredible pep talk about education. In the short video, the First Lady, who is now a campaigner after being a lawyer, explained to Just 17’s readers what girl power means to her, ‘I believe that girl power is about being the very best version of who you are.'

She went on to extol the virtues of a good education, saying, 'It means showing up for class, it means paying attention, it means really challenging yourself. Now, you might not ace every test, you might not get every problem right on the first try, but that’s not the point. But the point is to keep trying, keep struggling, until you succeed.'

Just when we couldn’t love Michelle any more, she pushes the video forward, tagging girls (a bit like how people would tag you for a #nomakeupselfie) and asking them to do their own version of the girl power video. You can check out Michelle's here:

As much as the video might be directed towards younger girls, we feel totally inspired by it. And yeah, naming no names, one particularly hungover member of Team Debrief did tear up a bit when watching it. And for all of you out there struggling to concentrate on your finals right now, make this video your one point of procrastination.

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