Michelle And Barack Obama Embarrass Their Kids Too

Sasha and Malia's parents might be really cool, but the girls would be the last ones to admit it...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Michelle and Barack Obama might seem like pretty cool parents, but Michelle has admitted that the power-couple both end up embarrassing their daughters, 12-year-old Sasha and 15-year-old Malia, on a regular basis, because the girls are just regular girls.

During an interview with an 11-year-old journalist, all to help promote Michelle's campaign to get young Americans eating healthily and exercising, the First Lady explained that older daughter Malia is 'very annoying' in her teenagehood, though, as she keeps on pushing the boundaries when it comes to curfews and her whereabouts: 'Can I go over to my friend’s house? Can I stay a little later? Can I go out to dinner?'

Well, at least she's asking, instead of shimmying out of a window and down the side of the White House before sidling into a special blacked-out FBI car and cruising off to a party somewhere. Michelle explained that despite having one of the most powerful men in the world as a father, Sasha and Malia really are 'normal kids,' and want to avoid the spotlight.

Maybe it's because the trappings of fame just don't do it for them, or maybe it's because their fans include Beyoncé and Morgan Freeman but, as far as we're concerned, the Obamas are like, the coolest President and First Lady ever. But Sasha and Malia totally disagree: 'They’re embarrassed to be around us. They don’t think anything we do is cool.'

Michelle told Today: 'They feel the way you feel about your parents – they feel about us. They don’t want to do what we do. They go in the opposite direction of what we do. They’re pretty normal.'

Hmm. If 'normal' means living in the White House and having had met Beyoncé and Jay Z then we'd kind of like a slice of that normality.

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