Michael Phelps Olympic #PhelpsFace Is The Meme That Keeps On Giving

#PhelpsFace has been born

Michael Phelps Olympic #PhelpsFace Is The Meme That Keeps On Giving

by Alyss Bowen |
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Michael Phelps is the most celebrated Olympic athlete of all time. The USA swimmer has won 25 medals in total. He has a medal for every year i’ve been alive, and I have no medals. Slightly discouraging but whatever we can’t all be Olympians.

For the past few days Michael Phelps has been trending worldwide, and not just for his men’s freestyle relay, which, of course, he won a gold in. No no, Michael Phelps, broke the internet because of his face. On Monday, pre-race Phelps was seen glaring (and I mean death-stare glare) at Chad le Clos of South Africa. We’re not talking a casual ‘i’m going to beat you’ glare – i’m talking ‘I will DESTROY you.’ Ergo, #PhelpsFace was born.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Alanis Morissette? Phelps does for sure

So so so so so great

Who wore it better? #PhelpsFace pic.twitter.com/0iOISYY0Jm

Definitely Phelps

So creative

We feel you, Phelps

And this my friends, is the exact moment Chad from South Africa realised he was going to lose to Michael Phelps. Lesson learnt: do not mess with Phelps.

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