Is This Meme Of Ashley Cole Creeping In On Ex-Wife Cheryl And Her New Husband Proof That He Has A Sense Of Humour?

We're never normally a fan of the footballer, but we love how he's had a giggle at a meme of himself...


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Celebrities being self-referential in an ironic way is our favourite thing. Like when Macauley Culkin wore a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a Macauley Culkin t-shirt, or when Nicki Minaj re-grammed various piss-takes of her Anaconda album artwork, or that time Jennifer Lopez celebrated her own 45th birthday with a cake of herself draped across a lion.

And it’s not even just celebrities we sort of like doing it that gives us a lol, because Ashley Cole’s retweet of a pisstake of him has made us quite amused, and we don’t normally care about him.

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The footballer’s just moved to Roma FC to play for them, and after his first training session with the team, everyone huddled in for a cheery photo to celebrate the beginning of the 2014/2015 season. Except, well, except from Ashley. He was left out in the sides, making it look like he was creeping into a photo he didn’t quite belong in.


Then, of course, came the memes – turns out some football fans are also great Photoshoppers – of Ashley intruding on all sorts of sequences. Not only the Suarez biting incident, or the 2014 England football squad (who probably could have done with his help, tbh) but at a Tiger Woods match and then with a team of dolphins.

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The best meme by far, though, is the one of him lurking in the background of his ex-wife Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s romantic birthday celebrations with new husband Jean-Bernard.

When someone tweeted him it, he replied: ‘ur a fool I'll give u this as your day, I'm comin 4u’ with loads of emojis. Look, loads of emojis.

Ok, so we don’t exactly love Ashley Cole for this, but we totally respect that he can laugh at himself. That takes a lot from a doofus like him.

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