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Will The Real Melania Trump Please Stand Up?

© Twitter/@NBCNews

A recent appearance by Melania Trump has caused conspiracy theorists to posit that the First Lady uses a body double.

The video clip shows President Trump talking to reporters in Maryland ahead of a visit to a US Secret Service training facility, with his wife standing beside him emotionless with large sunglasses obscuring her face. Many have speculated that her appearance and lack of speech might mean that it isn’t in fact her, but someone pretending to be her.

This has only been exacerbated further by Trump drawing attention to her, referring to her as ‘my wife Melania, who happens to be right here’, which makes it sound like he’s trying to make sure no one notices that it isn’t in fact her.

The internet has erupted at the revelation, with many coming up with their own hysterical theories over who the FLOTUS imposter is and why she’s there.

Sadly for naysayers, Melania took her sunglasses off, revealing that it was indeed her the whole time.

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