Melanie C Confirms Another Spice Girl Reunion Is Discussed ‘Weekly’

Something to look forward to.

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Some much needed good news: Mel C has said that another Spice Girls tour is discussed ‘weekly’ - meaning we’ll all probably have something to look forward to when concerts start happening again. Speaking in a new interview, Sporty claimed that (understandably) the coronavirus pandemic has prevented the singers from definitely setting another tour - but said 'I like to think that at some point we'll be back out on the road'. Yay!

‘Touring is up in the air right now but that was my wish,’ Mel C said, talking to, ‘I wanted to make the solo record but I wanted to carve out time for that and those shows.’ She added that organising a tour comes with its difficulties, though. ‘But getting four people to agree on times, places and duration is really, really hard,' she said. 'We stay in touch, the door and the dialogue is open. We are discussing opportunities on a weekly basis, so I like to think that at some point we'll be back out on the road.’ (It still very much sounds like Victoria Beckham isn’t up for getting involved, then.)

However, if Mel C, Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner do decide to get back on tour, they would be raking in a lot of money, as TMZ reported that each member made an estimated £2.2 million from each show on their huge comeback tour last year. Wow.

Despite staying at home, Sporty has still been busy in lockdown - as she recently DJed a set for Grazia’s Instagram.

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