5 Reasons Mel B Dressed As Victoria Beckham Is An Iconic Halloween Moment

The pop star dressed as her former bandmate at Heidi Klum's annual Halloween bash...

Mel B dressed as Victoria Beckham and Gary Madatyan dressed as David Beckham and Heidi Klum's Halloween party

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Yesterday we brought you Beyoncé’s fabulous dress-up as fellow pop star Toni Braxton, and now we’re delighted to tell you that the world of pop has delivered again, in the form of Mel B dressing up as former bandmate Victoria Beckham. The outfit, worn to Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash in New York is iconic for five major reasons:

1. She didn’t try so hard

At an infamously maximum-effort, minimal-thought party, where celebrities have, for 19 years now, paid to look Halloweeny e.g. Heidi Klum turned up as Princess Fiona for the night, Mel B flipped it all around. In her minimal-effort, maximum-thought outfit, Mel B carefully considered who she’d dress up as, wore a sexy LBD then slapped a cut-put picture of Victoria onto her budget face mask. You can almost imagine her doing it all with a Pritt Stick, it's that low-budget.

2. Her friend also didn’t try so hard

Mel’s mate, who put on a blonde wig and some sunglasses, and some sports kit, went as David Beckham, and looked so poorly like actual David Beckham that he had to turn his football jersey around, presumably so that it read ‘Beckham 23’ on the front, to remind people of who he was meant to be.

3. The sign

Attached weathered metal bar, or another material designed to look like weathered metal, wielded by Mel B, were some cardboard angel wings. Why angel wings? No idea. On the back of one wing it reads ‘NO I AM not’ and on the other, it reads ‘GOING ON tour’. The ‘not’ and the ‘tour’ are both titchy, for some reason, and if you, like many people in the Western world, read left to right, you will have read it as ‘No Going I Am On At Tour’. What's more perfect than unintelligible rage?

4. She was punching upwards.

How do we put this politely - post-divorce, Mel might perhaps be more keen to get back on the touring wagon than Victoria, who’s doing very well with her eponymous fashion brand and is part of a huge, two-decades long power-couple. Yes, Mel has taken a swipe at her former bandmate, but really, doesn’t Victoria’s relative economic security give her a bit of a steady feeling of support? For example, she knows she’ll never have to dress as, say, Geri Halliwell, to get attention or make a point

5. It still fits a brief

This year, plenty of celebrities have dressed as other celebrities. Rita Ora dressed up as Post Malone, Beyoncé dressed up Toni Braxton and Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk went to Heidi's party as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper - respectively - in A Star Is Born. Though Mel B didn't, like her co-attendees, invest in outfits so simple and kind even a kid could get what’s going on (note, when Lily Allen dressed as Dr Luke, it was for Kate Hudson’s Halloween bash in LA, not Heidi Klum’s east-coast party), she managed to turn up with a very memorable look

Well done Mel B, we’ll be patiently waiting on Victoria’s Instagram page, just to see what might happen next. The only problem is, it’s hardly going to encourage Victoria to tour with the Spice Girls again, is it?

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