Meghan Markle Does Not Have To Forgive Her Dad Just Because She Has Had A Baby

Conveniently, both Thomas Markle Snr and Jnr have spoken out following the birth of Baby Sussex

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With Meghan Markle finally giving birth to the royal baby - it was inevitable that her father, Thomas Markle, would have something to say about it to the tabloids. Shortly after the arrival of Baby Sussex on Monday, the retired lighting director gave his well wishes to his daughter - via Britain's best selling newspaper, The Sun. ‘I’m delighted to hear that mother and child are doing well. I am proud that my new grandson is born into the British royal family and I am sure that he will grow up to serve the crown and the people of Britain with grace, dignity and honour,’ he told the paper. ‘God bless the child and I wish him health and happiness, and my congratulations to my lovely daughter Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry — and God save the Queen.’

Thomas’ son and Meghan’s brother - aptly named Thomas Markle Jnr - also spoke to the newspaper, saying that he hoped the birth of the baby would finally mend the rift which has supposedly torn their family apart. (Meghan and her dad have reportedly not spoken since her wedding day last year.) ‘Hopefully this baby will help mend the family rift - we'd all love to meet the baby and become a part of his life - especially my dad,’ he said. ‘I'm hoping that becoming a mother will open up her eyes and shed light on what family means. Maybe she will see the importance of family now - and open up to my dad and let him be part of the baby's life.’ He further added how Thomas Snr is ‘scared’ he will not meet the latest addition.

Thomas Jnr sure gives an emotive interview, but it is up to Meghan - and Meghan alone - if she wishes to repair the rift between her and her father. Both men’s desire to speak out shows a blatant disregard for Meghan’s privacy, when she has tried her best to keep the birth as private as she can. You’d have thought they could keep their mouths shut following the most precious moments of Meghan’s life. But, then again, it was Meghan’s dad who staged those paparazzi shots. And, in February, it was Meghan’s dad who shared a five-page personal letter from his daughter, in which she asked her dad to stop spreading lies about her. It’s hardly surprising if Megan doesn’t automatically want to play happy families. Just because she is now a mum, that doesn’t change suddenly change what happened between the pair of them. Being a mother might well change her perspective, but reconnecting with her dad shouldn’t be a decision she is pressured into.

Look below to find out the answers to all the questions we're Googling about the royal baby...


Here's Everything You Have Been Googling About The Royal Baby

Where was the royal baby born?1 of 7

Where was the royal baby born?

Well, there are conflicting reports. It was firstly believed Meghan revived the royal tradition of giving birth at home by opting to stay at Frogmore Cottage with Prince Harry. (Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to all four of her children - Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward - at home.) Seemingly confirming the news, when Prince Harry spoke to Sky News after the announcement, it was outside Frogmore Cottage, which led to the natural conclusion that the birth happened at home. But that has since been disputed by various royal reporters. The Sun's Emily Andrews tweeted, 'We were led to believe by palace aides that baby Sussex was born at Frogmore Cottage, but in fact he arrived at private London hospital the Portland. All other details still the same! Can't wait to see a picture of him on Wednesday with his proud parents!'

What are possible names for the royal baby?2 of 7

What are possible names for the royal baby?

Arthur, Albert, Philip and James are all currently bookies' favourites for Baby Sussex's name - although Prince Harry has announced that they are still making up their minds, and will announce the name in due course.

Is the new royal baby a prince/will the new royal baby have a title?3 of 7

Is the new royal baby a prince/will the new royal baby have a title?

As Grazia have already reported, royal author Katie Nicholl has pointed out how the couple are keen to raise baby Sussex as a 'normal' child. That means it's unlikely he or any future siblings will have an HRH title. 'They will most likely be following the same template Princess Anne used with Peter and Zara Phillips,' she says.But if they do choose to follow tradition, he will become Earl of Dumbarton, which is one of Harry's lesser titles. The baby's cousins, the Cambridge children, are all HRH. As third in line to the throne, Prince George is immediately an HRH, but following the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Queen intervened so that all his siblings would have the prefix of Prince or Princess.

What time was the royal baby born?4 of 7

What time was the royal baby born?

This one's pretty easy to answer, actually. The baby was born early at 05:26 BST on May 6, as Buckingham Palace's birth announcement says.

Who delivered royal baby?5 of 7

Who delivered royal baby?

If we don't know exactly where the baby was born, then it's unlikely we know who delivered it! Sorry about that.

Is the royal baby ginger?6 of 7

Is the royal baby ginger?

There's no way to know for sure yet. But, given Prince Harry's ginger head of hair, it's a definitely a possibility! Redheads are only 2 per cent of the world's population, so it would make the royal baby even more special.

What will the royal baby look like?7 of 7

What will the royal baby look like?

Here's your adorable answer!

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