Meghan Set To Extend ‘Olive Branch’ To Father

Meghan is reportedly making plans to reconcile with her estranged father, Thomas Markle in preparation for the birth of her first child with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle Thomas Markle Reconciliation

by Harriet Kean |

the Duchess of Sussex was said to have officially started her maternity leave last week. Stepping away from royal duties, her attention will now be more focused on her estranged family. According to reports, Meghan is planning to invite her father, Thomas, to the UK after the birth of her child in April.

Apparently, Meghan ‘understands the pressures of the intense media scrutiny and is saddened by what her family has had to endure’, and is therefore extending an ‘olive branch’ to Thomas. News of the alleged reunion comes as a surprise, since Meghan’s family have repeatedly criticised her since she married Prince Harry last May. Her half-sister Samantha once called her ‘duch-ass’ on Twitter, labelled her ‘cold’ for ignoring their father, and was allegedly writing a book, The Diary Of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

Thomas has also been a continual source of embarrassment: he was caught staging paparazzi photographs before the wedding and, last month, leaked Meghan’s private letters to the media. But now, after months of vitriolic headlines, Meghan and her father may finally be putting their differences behind them. According to Robert Jobson, author of Charles At Seventy, Meghan will have been the driving force behind the ‘reunion’. ‘She definitely wants to take back some control,’ he told Grazia. ‘She’s clearly willing to make the first move. And of course it would be terribly embarrassing if she bans the grandfather from seeing his grandchild'.

‘The move has to come from her, otherwise there’s no way it could happen,’ he continued. ‘She will direct and the Palace will facilitate. The difficult situation has to be resolved. It’s almost the narrative of her first year as a royal bride.’ The move is uncharacteristic of the royal family, who have stayed resolutely silent during the months of headlines about Meghan’s family. As Grazia reported last month, even when Meghan finally spoke out about the criticism, she did it through her closest friends. (While talking to People magazine, Meghan’s ‘ring of steel’ debunked Thomas’s malicious rumours and revealed that she did in fact write to him after the wedding. Shockingly, Thomas responded by asking for a photo-op with Meghan.)

But perhaps the Palace is finally acting because with the birth of a royal baby comes additional protocol. According to Robert, it would be standard practice for both the baby’s maternal grandparents to be at the christening. ‘It’s right and proper that the child should be christened in the Church of England in which the Queen, Harry’s grandmother, is the supreme governor,’ he said. ‘There will undoubtedly be a picture of them at the christening at some stage – and it would be better to have both the baby’s grandparents in it, for propriety’s sake.’

According to a source, the Markles are also hoping for a reunion. ‘They realise there’s no sense in coming across as this divided family any more – they all share the same goal: to get back with Meghan. Being a unit will also help them in dealing with the horrible stress they’ve endured with the constant media scrutiny,’ added our source. ‘There’s a realisation that it’s not going away, so they should take control of the situation and manage their own image.’ But while a reunion may be on the cards, according to another well-placed source, so is a ‘reality TV show’ starring Meghan’s US family. ‘It would be a mega-earning project that would set them up for the rest of their lives. Still, how Meghan and the royal family would respond to that kind of publicity remains to be seen.

Perhaps the fallout from the US family is another reason why Buckingham Palace confirmed last week what’s long been speculated – that the Cambridges and Sussexes will be having ‘separate teams’. ‘The Queen has agreed to the creation of a new household for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,’ it said. A new communications head has been appointed for Meghan and Harry who will report directly to the Queen’s press secretary. A Palace source told Grazia, ‘It’s the start of a change of direction for both families.'

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