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Was There A 'Mistake' On The Royal Wedding Invitations?

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When Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had finally sent out their wedding invitations ahead of their May 19th ceremony, it was hardly a surprise that every tiny detail (raise your hand if you've never felt so emotionally invested in ink and type-setting? Thought so...) and choice of wording became the subject of intense scrutiny (it's the wedding of the year, after all).

The invitation follows a pretty standard formula for the royal family, opening with a request from the Prince of Wales for the pleasure of the guest's company at 'the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales with Ms Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.' Can you spot what some commentators are describing as a 'mistake' in that sentence?

Meghan's birth name is in fact Rachel: Meghan is her middle name, which she chose to use in her acting career and public work. In the Queen's recent note which marked her official approval of Harry's marriage, however, the name 'Rachel Meghan Markle' was used. So, why are two 'different' names for Meghan being used on official royal notices?

According to one etiquette expert, it's likely that, having already released the formal paperwork, the Palace - and the couple themselves - have simply decided that it is easier to use the name by which Meghan wishes to be known in public life.

'Buckingham Palace does things by the book, so they will list your full name,' Grant Harrold explained to Good Housekeeping. 'Even though it's an official occasion, they've obviously decided that she's known to everybody as Meghan Markle and issued the invitations under that name.'

According to royal expert Kelly Lynch, Meghan is simply following a precedent set by her fiance. 'Since people know her by now as "Meghan," I would be shocked if she chose to go by her given name,' she told the Express. 'Prince Harry's given name is Henry, but his parents established early on that he would go by Harry.'

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