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The Real Reason Why Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Skipped The Barge Party Of 2018

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Because boat parties are so civilian.

ICYMI, the wildest weekend (probably) of the year took place in Amsterdam last week.

The city was descended on by pretty much every celebrity you'd expect to be on an A-list Amsterdam weekend bender - Nick Grimshaw, Douglas Booth, Richard Bacon, Henry Holland and Giles Coren were all in attendance.

But the weekend was also attended by two of the people you'd least expect to be on an A-list Amsterdam weekend bender - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The do was in celebration of the opening of the city's branch of Soho House, and the celebs were hosted by Nick Jones, the boss of the global chain of members' clubs.

Harry and Meghan secretly attended two of the events of the weekend, and were said to have mingled casually with the celebrities and socialites at both parties.

But they were absent from the Saturday lunchtime canal tour attended by many of the more high-profile celebs there - and the reason why actually makes a lot of sense.

The Daily Mail reports that the reason for their non-attendance at the do was because they aren't allowed to be near windows incase they get photographed.

A source told the publication: "The royal couple stayed in the hotel for security reasons and because they didn't want to be photographed — the boats had see-through roofs. When there were drinks on Saturday before the dinner, they also hung back in a separate area, chatting quietly with friends."

However, the source went on to say that the couple were on top form during the rest of the celebrations.

They said: "On the Friday night it was more of a loose party, and Prince Harry and Meghan were circulating with everyone.

"Because she went to the opening of Soho House in Istanbul in 2015, it was a very similar invitation list, so she did know a lot of people. She spoke to everyone, and Harry never left her side. They looked absolutely in love."